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Moated Chateau Heaven

The latest in a series of articles about Chateaux visited by Sarah Francis - director of Sifex Ltd. This article focuses on an impressive and beautifully restored XVII Century Brick and stone Château in the Calvados department of Normandy, with a deep dry moat and and an elegant Renaissance Chateau in the Charente with a 47 hectare sporting estate and reflected in stunning water filled moats.

Chateau Heaven - A Remarkable Retreat.

The latest in a series of articles about Chateaux visited by Sarah Francis - director of Sifex Ltd. This one, an outstanding XVII/XIXth C. Château, beautifully maintained in an idyllic setting.

Dreams of a French Château Wedding - Good Wedding Guide.

The story of a fairytale 'wedding cake' Château that became a successful wedding venue that Sifex sold some years ago and a similar property, also pretty as a picture and white stone with turretts and towers, that could become one.

FPN Expert "Grand Designs'

Sarah Francis delves into the fascinating history of French Castles comparing a 'Chateau fort' and a 'Renaissance Chateau ' - both for sale in Gascony. H7-11905 ( Chateau Fort) and F1-392 ( Renaissance Chateau)

Champagne Châteaux

Recently visited by Sifex read all about these fabulous properties. The reference numbers on our website are: Dordogne. J4-1542 - Medieval Château & Estate. Asking price: 2,950,000€ Gironde E9-1493846 - Superb XVII Century Riverside Châteaux with 5 Gites. Asking price: 2,500,000€

For a neutral but informed overview of French Property - Sifex are Simply Superb - Good Property Guide - September 2015.

Small is beautiful – and to prove it, Sifex have an impressive international client base gathered over 25 years. In fact, they have an all-round reputation for handling the successful sales of numerous prestigious properties throughout France: Whether it be Châteaux, Manoirs, Maisons de Maître, Bastides, Vineyards or luxury Villas, they have a wealth of knowledge to call upon.......

July 2015 -Fit for a King.

'Sarah Francis of Sifex is positive about the Loire's château market. "This year has shown more movement compared to previous years and there has been a return of clients looking for châteaux in the area. Prices have not moved and there is a good supply of nice properties withprices being negotiated, so it's a good time to buy."'

June 2014 - French Property News - The first Château I ever sold

"Started by Sarah Francis in 1989, estate agency Sifex ( Société Immobilière Française Extraordinaire) also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year." (Just to set the record straight, in actual fact this was not the first 'property' i ever sold.. but it certainly was a milestone in my life as it was the first 'château I ever sold. I started my french property adventure all those years ago - selling cottages and barns in Normandy and Brittany and my first ever sale was in Brittany and far from being a Château!

February 2013 - Daily Telegraph - Renovate and Rejuvenate

"The days of retiring to the coast and putting your feet up are over. Now the Fastlaners ( that's Fifties and Sixties Trying to Launch a New Era) are more likely to be tackling a major property project. Christopher Middleton reports.